BRENDOW-CUP | Florett | weiblich | U13 | Individual | Moers (GER)

Date: 08.09.2019 13:10 | Fechtclub Moers 1950 e.V.


Florett weiblich U13 Individual

Location GER Moers
Date 08.September 2019
Starters 21 present / 21 Total
Time schedule
Call 13:00
Begin 13:30


Type Pools
Exempt 0
Number of pools 3
Seeding FIE-Rules
moved by Club
When having the same results Barrage
Hits and times 5 Hits | 3:00 min
Promoted to next round 16
Promotion by Index list
This round is taken into account for direct elimination seeding.
Type Direct elimination
Direct elimination mode

Table of 16 with repechage

Table of 16 with repechage
Fencer which have lost twice in DE are eliminated
Seeding of repechage by indice after pool
Rematches in DE 16 will be avoided if possible
Table of 8 without repechage
Finale of 4

Hits and times 10 Hits | 2 x 3:00 min | 1:00 min


Christian Rieger (RFB)
Matthias Neuhaus (FC Moers)
Paul Tenbergen (RFB Kampfrichterchef)